I have over 7 years’ experience in PHP/Web development, two years with low-level hardware programming. Writing in PHP7, Java, JavaScript. Can also use Python, Bash and Ruby for Deployment or DevOps stack.

If you need to bootstrap your project/company extremely quickly, then I’m the right person to help you or your team. I can investigate into complex issues in the deepest parts of your projects, on a low level and diagnose an exact issue.

In my work, I primarily focus on:
— Solving technical issues that impact business;
— Reducing billing costs;
— Care about Service Level Agreement of the company services;
— Database optimization;
— Code-quality and team power growing;
— Agile methodologies such as Scrum/Kanban/Waterfall.

I also have Master’s degree in the IT field and I’m familiar with IT fundamental knowledge that could be helpful during development and optimizations.

Senior Software Engineer / Senior DevOps Engineer / Team Lead (current)

MenschDanke GmbH

— Described an infrastructure using Ansible;
— Migrated existing project to PHP7 and AWS;
— Migrated database to the PostgreSQL;
— Optimized database queries for reducing servers costs;
— Setup geographically decentralized infrastructure in different AWS regions;
— Setup ESB (Service Bus) between these projects and shared private network using VPN;
— Created ETL tools for one of projects;

Senior Software engineer


— Developing web application with SOA.
— REST API implementation.
— SingleSignOn implementation.
— Deployment system.
— Continuous Integration system with Jenkins.
— Continuous Delivery system with Jenkins.
— Defining user stories, estimating and assigning them.
— Actual implementation of complex stories.


Vladislav PanteleevVladislav Panteleev
Managing Partner at PFL

Dmitrii is a top-level professional with perfect management skills in the field of computer engineering.
He is a team player and a person who is always ready to attract a high potential development team on his behalf and responsibility.
Working for Edster (top Russian start-up in ed-tech sphere) Dmitrii and his team were responsible for Web, IOS, Android development. Moreover, Dmitrii successfully managed a few outsource companies.
Dmitrii developed the complex mobile transaction platform, the course management platform, multi-user IQ game for students, the LMS platform for universities, the open educational platform and etc. for Edster and my other start-ups. This is just a small part of what we have done for today together.
I highly recommend Dmitrii to any business owner or a top manager. If you have Dmitrii working for you, you will get 100% confidence for your whole development team.

Ilya MaksimenkaIlya Maksimenka
Chief Digital Information Officer at TalentNet

It was a great experience to work with Dmitrii at global education startup. He played a key role in our organization to carry out difficult projects in a timely manner. Dmitrii is extremely experienced in technology development and implementation.
Dmitrii, I wish you the best of luck in your career. I know that you will do great!

I recommend Dmitrii for any project and team.

Maria PanteleevaMaria Panteleeva
Chief Operating Officer at EDSTER

I am glad to have an experience of working with Dmitrii. Dmitrii proved to be the first-class expert, with whom anyone can be confident in the clearness and reliability of work done on the website or a platform. He is always aware of all the latest technological trends and is highly meticulous in carrying out the tasks set.

Senior Software engineer


While working as a back-end engineer for fotostrana.ru I mainly implemented the unit, functional and acceptance testing by working closely with a QA team. We have achieved excellent results, test integration with CI Jenkins and preparation of the project in general for auto-testing.
A universal factory was written for the creation of entities in the tests. This made writing the tests easier.

Series of seminars were held for team of developers. The seminars explained:
– Why writing test is important for both: developers and the company
– How to write good tests: safe time of the developers, money for the company and improve product quality.

I also worked on high-load dating service. My main goal was stabilization of the service.


– Highloaded PHP application (8th position in Russia)
– NoSQL solutions
– Jenkins


Aleksandr ShartdinovAleksandr Shartdinov
Technical leader at Fotostrana.ru

Dmitry is an excellent developer. He designs sophisticated application architecture, always uses the most advanced and new technologies and programming techniques, makes code flexible and correct. He deeps into the situation and solves any problems.

Software engineer


While working as a back-end developer for geometira.ru i have got a vast experience in writing applications with the use of the Zend framework and mastered many of its components. The application written in ZendFramework, serves approximately 5 million requests per day, has a horizontal scalability at the level of application servers, as well as several databases.

The experience on Scrum:

— worked in the team of 14 people
— two week sprints

That was a great experience in the integration of solutions together with front-end developers as well as considerable experience in pair programming jointly with back-end developer.


— MongoDB
— Redis
— Elasticsearch
— Jenkins


Ivan ShumkovIvan Shumkov
CTO, Software Engineer at Geometria.ru

When I met Dmitry, he appeared to be a smart and promising developer. He progressed very quickly and proved to be responsible and purposeful. Now Dmitry is an effective developer who is able to apply his deep knowledge to various complex systems.

Vasily SokolovVasily Sokolov
Senior web developer at Geomentria.ru

Dmitrii is a very talented and experienced developer with a strong knowledge of how the software should be built properly using the best OOP practices and patterns.

He is very strong at taking architectural decisions, and is very picky, when it comes to code quality and test coverage. He is definitely one of the strongest developers I have ever worked with. I’m very sure, that he will be a valuable asset in every team.

Software engineer

MT Group, mobtop

When I worked for Mobtop Group, I used the development language — Perl. Due to my contribution, just in one year the development in Mobtop Group has moved to a new level. MVC kernel was developed in Perl for the project, written in spaghetti code style. The end result answered the high requirements of loading (about 30 million visits a day) as well as the generation of the final pages in 80-100ms. In developing all the possibilities of OOP(Object Oriented Programming) Perl were used.

At the same time I got a lot of experience in architecture engineering of high-loaded systems. As well I mastered my skills in horizontal scale applications development, file storage and ways of distribution of load on application servers using nginx and dns round-robin approach.


— Highloaded Perl application
— MySQL with many shards
— Memcached with concurrent requests
— RabbitMQ

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