What is Single Sign On? Single Sign On – is a technology that lets the user authenticated on Identity Provider (further IdP), be automatically authenticated on another service (further Service Provider, SP or Consumer[1-N]) of the company. Single Sign On is used by such Internet services as Google, Yandex and some others. Advantages of this approach are evident: User enters pasword only once… Read More

We know that, the right way to change persistent data in database is only using POST (or PUT) requests, but in real life in each application we have many places that can change, add or remove data in database via GET request and you need to protect these actions. Subscribe/Unsubscribe Activation of users after registration… Read More

Symfony 2 is used for large projects with long term support. These projects usually contain many bundles and the bundles depend on one another. The best option is when bundle A is using features of bundle B, but bundle B is not using features of bundle A (unfortunately, it is not always possible). In this… Read More